Articles | Volume 4, issue 1
Research article
24 Jan 2013
Research article |  | 24 Jan 2013

Reprocessed height time series for GPS stations

S. Rudenko, N. Schön, M. Uhlemann, and G. Gendt

Abstract. Precise weekly positions of 403 Global Positioning System (GPS) stations located worldwide are obtained by reprocessing GPS data of these stations for the time span from 4 January 1998 until 29 December 2007. The processing algorithms and models used as well as the solution and results obtained are presented. Vertical velocities of 266 GPS stations having a tracking history longer than 2.5 yr are computed; 107 of them are GPS stations located at tide gauges (TIGA observing stations). The vertical velocities calculated in this study are compared with the estimates from the co-located tide gauges and other GPS solutions. The formal errors of the estimated vertical velocities are 0.01–0.80 mm yr−1. The vertical velocities of our solution agree within 1 mm yr−1 with those of the recent solutions (ULR5 and ULR3) of the Université de La Rochelle for about 67–75 per cent of the common stations. Examples of typical behaviour of station height changes are given and interpreted. The derived height time series and vertical motions of continuous GPS at tide gauges stations can be used for correcting the vertical land motion in tide gauge records of sea level changes.