The Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary (LAB) Dilemma
The Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary (LAB) Dilemma
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24 Mar 2016
POLENET/LAPNET teleseismic P wave travel time tomography model of the upper mantle beneath northern Fennoscandia
Hanna Silvennoinen, Elena Kozlovskaya, and Eduard Kissling
Solid Earth, 7, 425–439,,, 2016
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31 Jul 2015
Structure of the upper mantle in the north-western and central United States from USArray S-receiver functions
R. Kind, X. Yuan, J. Mechie, and F. Sodoudi
Solid Earth, 6, 957–970,,, 2015
31 Jul 2015
Thickness of the lithosphere beneath Turkey and surroundings from S-receiver functions
R. Kind, T. Eken, F. Tilmann, F. Sodoudi, T. Taymaz, F. Bulut, X. Yuan, B. Can, and F. Schneider
Solid Earth, 6, 971–984,,, 2015
16 Jan 2015
Upper mantle structure around the Trans-European Suture Zone obtained by teleseismic tomography
I. Janutyte, M. Majdanski, P. H. Voss, E. Kozlovskaya, and PASSEQ Working Group
Solid Earth, 6, 73–91,,, 2015
15 Aug 2014
Traces of the crustal units and the upper-mantle structure in the southwestern part of the East European Craton
I. Janutyte, E. Kozlovskaya, M. Majdanski, P. H. Voss, M. Budraitis, and PASSEQWorking Group
Solid Earth, 5, 821–836,,, 2014
06 Aug 2014
Mantle lithosphere transition from the East European Craton to the Variscan Bohemian Massif imaged by shear-wave splitting
L. Vecsey, J. Plomerová, and V. Babuška
Solid Earth, 5, 779–792,,, 2014
26 Jun 2014
A new model of the upper mantle structure beneath the western rim of the East European Craton
M. Dec, M. Malinowski, and E. Perchuc
Solid Earth, 5, 523–535,,, 2014
19 May 2014
Seismic structure of the lithosphere and upper mantle beneath the ocean islands near mid-oceanic ridges
C. Haldar, P. Kumar, and M. Ravi Kumar
Solid Earth, 5, 327–337,,, 2014
08 Aug 2012
Global distribution of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary: a new look
V. M. Hamza and F. P. Vieira
Solid Earth, 3, 199–212,,, 2012
24 May 2012
The lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary observed with USArray receiver functions
P. Kumar, X. Yuan, R. Kind, and J. Mechie
Solid Earth, 3, 149–159,,, 2012
15 Dec 2011
Domains of Archean mantle lithosphere deciphered by seismic anisotropy – inferences from the LAPNET array in northern Fennoscandia
J. Plomerová, L. Vecsey, V. Babuška, and LAPNET Working Group
Solid Earth, 2, 303–313,,, 2011
CC BY 4.0