Articles | Volume 10, issue 5
Method article
29 Oct 2019
Method article |  | 29 Oct 2019

The Geodynamic World Builder: a solution for complex initial conditions in numerical modeling

Menno Fraters, Cedric Thieulot, Arie van den Berg, and Wim Spakman

Model code and software

The Geodynamic World Builder M. Fraters

Short summary
Three-dimensional numerical modelling of geodynamic processes may benefit strongly from using realistic 3-D starting models that approximate, e.g. natural subduction settings in the geological past or at present. To this end, we developed the Geodynamic World Builder (GWB), which enables relatively straightforward parameterization of complex 3-D geometric structures associated with geodynamic processes. The GWB is an open-source community code designed to easily interface with geodynamic codes.