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Research article
30 Oct 2019
Research article |  | 30 Oct 2019

The acid sulfate zone and the mineral alteration styles of the Roman Puteoli (Neapolitan area, Italy): clues on fluid fracturing progression at the Campi Flegrei volcano

Monica Piochi, Angela Mormone, Harald Strauss, and Giuseppina Balassone

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Subject area: Crustal structure and composition | Editorial team: Geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, and volcanology | Discipline: Mineralogy
Spectral characterisation of hydrothermal alteration associated with sediment-hosted Cu–Ag mineralisation in the central European Kupferschiefer
Léa Géring, Moritz Kirsch, Samuel Thiele, Andréa De Lima Ribeiro, Richard Gloaguen, and Jens Gutzmer
Solid Earth, 14, 463–484,,, 2023
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Generating porosity during olivine carbonation via dissolution channels and expansion cracks
Tiange Xing, Wenlu Zhu, Florian Fusseis, and Harrison Lisabeth
Solid Earth, 9, 879–896,,, 2018
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The Campi Flegrei volcano in Italy displays hot fumarolic solfataras famous since Roman times. We use the solfataric mineralizations to investigate the local setting, evolution and geohazards. These provide information on hydrothermal activities that have been stable over the past 20 years. They reflect extreme conditions associated with the fluid overflow from subsurface and surface waters through a fracturing conduit. The solfataras are toxic and represent an extreme environment for life.