Articles | Volume 11, issue 4
Research article
07 Jul 2020
Research article |  | 07 Jul 2020

Basin inversion and structural architecture as constraints on fluid flow and Pb–Zn mineralization in the Paleo–Mesoproterozoic sedimentary sequences of northern Australia

George M. Gibson and Sally Edwards

Data sets

L210 South Nicholson Deep Crustal Seismic Reflection Survey, NT and QLD, 2017 J. Holzschuh

L180 Mt Isa Deep Crustal Seismic Survey, QLD, 2006. Stacked and migrated data and images for lines 06GA-M1 to 06GA-M6 J. L. Maher

DNRME Queensland Government,95541,91004

Short summary
This paper uses seismic reflection methods to image and better constrain fault and basin architecture at depth in a region of northern Australia thought to be highly prospective for oil and gas as well as sediment-hosted lead–zinc mineralisation. A better understanding of these architectural constraints is essential for the delineation of fluid pathways, barriers, and potential traps where these commodities may have accumulated.