Articles | Volume 11, issue 1
Research article
14 Jan 2020
Research article |  | 14 Jan 2020

Fault reactivation by gas injection at an underground gas storage off the east coast of Spain

Antonio Villaseñor, Robert B. Herrmann, Beatriz Gaite, and Arantza Ugalde

Data sets

Regional centroid moment tensors for earthquakes in the 2013 CASTOR gas storage seismic crisis [Dataset] A. Villaseñor, R. B. Herrmann, B. Gaite, and A. Ugalde Aguirre

Short summary
We present new earthquake focal depths and fault orientations for earthquakes that occurred in 2013 in the vicinity of an underground gas storage off the east coast of Spain. Our focal depths are in the range of 5–10 km, notably deeper than the depth of the gas injection (2 km). The obtained fault orientations also differ from the predominant faults at shallow depths. This suggests that the faults reactivated are deeper, previously unmapped faults occurring beneath the sedimentary layers.