Articles | Volume 14, issue 12
Research article
20 Dec 2023
Research article |  | 20 Dec 2023

Earth's core variability from magnetic and gravity field observations

Anita Thea Saraswati, Olivier de Viron, and Mioara Mandea

Data sets

The CHAOS-7 Geomagnetic Field Model C. C. Finlay et al.

The COV-OBS.x2 geomagnetic field model L. Huder et al.

IGG-SLR-HYBRID: High-resolution temporal gravity fields from satellite laser ranging A. Löcher

Model code and software

anitasaraswati/MSSAkit: MSSAkit v1.0.0 A. T. Saraswati and O. de Viron

ancklo/ChaosMagPy: ChaosMagPy v0.12 C. Kloss

hulecom: read-GRACE-harmonics H. Lecomte

Short summary
To understand core dynamics, insight from several possible observables is needed. By applying several separation methods, we show spatiotemporal variabilities in the magnetic and gravity fields related to the core dynamics. A 7-year oscillation is found in all conducted analyses. The results in the magnetic field reflect the core processes and the variabilities in the gravity field exhibit new findings that might be an interesting input to build an enhanced model of the Earth’s core.