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Volume 5, issue 1

Volume 5, issue 1

02 Jan 2014
Assessing accuracy of gas-driven permeability measurements: a comparative study of diverse Hassler-cell and probe permeameter devices
C. M. Filomena, J. Hornung, and H. Stollhofen
Solid Earth, 5, 1–11,,, 2014
06 Jan 2014
Short-lived tectonic switch mechanism for long-term pulses of volcanic activity after mega-thrust earthquakes
M. Lupi and S. A. Miller
Solid Earth, 5, 13–24,,, 2014
24 Jan 2014
The permeability and elastic moduli of tuff from Campi Flegrei, Italy: implications for ground deformation modelling
M. J. Heap, P. Baud, P. G. Meredith, S. Vinciguerra, and T. Reuschlé
Solid Earth, 5, 25–44,,, 2014
29 Jan 2014
Petrophysical constraints on the seismic properties of the Kaapvaal craton mantle root
V. Baptiste and A. Tommasi
Solid Earth, 5, 45–63,,, 2014
13 Feb 2014
Use of phytoremediation and biochar to remediate heavy metal polluted soils: a review
J. Paz-Ferreiro, H. Lu, S. Fu, A. Méndez, and G. Gascó
Solid Earth, 5, 65–75,,, 2014
19 Feb 2014
Jurassic–Paleogene intraoceanic magmatic evolution of the Ankara Mélange, north-central Anatolia, Turkey
E. Sarifakioglu, Y. Dilek, and M. Sevin
Solid Earth, 5, 77–108,,, 2014
20 Feb 2014
Review of some significant claimed irregularities in Scandinavian postglacial uplift on timescales of tens to thousands of years – earthquakes in Denmark?
S. Gregersen and P. H. Voss
Solid Earth, 5, 109–118,,, 2014
06 Mar 2014
Corrigendum to "Review of some significant claimed irregularities in Scandinavian postglacial uplift on timescales of tens to thousands of years – earthquakes in Denmark?" published in Solid Earth, 5, 109–118, 2014
S. Gregersen and P. H. Voss
Solid Earth, 5, 119–119,,, 2014
10 Mar 2014
New insights on the occurrence of peperites and sedimentary deposits within the silicic volcanic sequences of the Paraná Magmatic Province, Brazil
A. C. F. Luchetti, A. J. R. Nardy, F. B. Machado, J. E. O. Madeira, and J. M. Arnosio
Solid Earth, 5, 121–130,,, 2014
12 Mar 2014
Thermal shock and splash effects on burned gypseous soils from the Ebro Basin (NE Spain)
J. León, M. Seeger, D. Badía, P. Peters, and M. T. Echeverría
Solid Earth, 5, 131–140,,, 2014
12 Mar 2014
Seismic visibility of a deep subduction channel – insights from numerical simulation of high-frequency seismic waves emitted from intermediate depth earthquakes
W. Friederich, L. Lambrecht, B. Stöckhert, S. Wassmann, and C. Moos
Solid Earth, 5, 141–159,,, 2014
28 Mar 2014
Editorial Note

A case of plagiarism: "Modelling of the wave fields by the modification of the matrix method in anisotropic media" published in Solid Earth Discuss., 6, 1–19, 2014
F. Storti
Solid Earth, 5, 161–161,,, 2014
31 Mar 2014
Lithospheric-scale structures in New Guinea and their control on the location of gold and copper deposits
L. T. White, M. P. Morse, and G. S. Lister
Solid Earth, 5, 163–179,,, 2014
31 Mar 2014
Corrigendum to "3-D reflection seismic imaging of the Hontomín structure in the Basque–Cantabrian Basin (Spain)" published in Solid Earth, 4, 481–496, 2013
J. Alcalde, D. Martí, C. Juhlin, A. Malehmir, D. Sopher, E. Saura, I. Marzán, P. Ayarza, A. Calahorrano, A. Pérez-Estaún, and R. Carbonell
Solid Earth, 5, 181–181,,, 2014
01 Apr 2014
The ring-shaped thermal field of Stefanos crater, Nisyros Island: a conceptual model
M. Pantaleo and T. R. Walter
Solid Earth, 5, 183–198,,, 2014
09 Apr 2014
Seismogenic frictional melting in the magmatic column
J. E. Kendrick, Y. Lavallée, K.-U. Hess, S. De Angelis, A. Ferk, H. E. Gaunt, P. G. Meredith, D. B. Dingwell, and R. Leonhardt
Solid Earth, 5, 199–208,,, 2014
11 Apr 2014
Short-term changes in soil Munsell colour value, organic matter content and soil water repellency after a spring grassland fire in Lithuania
P. Pereira, X. Úbeda, J. Mataix-Solera, M. Oliva, and A. Novara
Solid Earth, 5, 209–225,,, 2014
29 Apr 2014
The Cretaceous and Cenozoic tectonic evolution of Southeast Asia
S. Zahirovic, M. Seton, and R. D. Müller
Solid Earth, 5, 227–273,,, 2014
09 May 2014
Focal mechanisms in the southern Aegean from temporary seismic networks – implications for the regional stress field and ongoing deformation processes
W. Friederich, A. Brüstle, L. Küperkoch, T. Meier, S. Lamara, and Egelados Working Group
Solid Earth, 5, 275–297,,, 2014
15 May 2014
Conventional tillage versus organic farming in relation to soil organic carbon stock in olive groves in Mediterranean rangelands (southern Spain)
L. Parras-Alcántara and B. Lozano-García
Solid Earth, 5, 299–311,,, 2014
16 May 2014
Morphology and surface features of olivine in kimberlite: implications for ascent processes
T. J. Jones, J. K. Russell, L. A. Porritt, and R. J. Brown
Solid Earth, 5, 313–326,,, 2014
19 May 2014
Seismic structure of the lithosphere and upper mantle beneath the ocean islands near mid-oceanic ridges
C. Haldar, P. Kumar, and M. Ravi Kumar
Solid Earth, 5, 327–337,,, 2014
19 May 2014
Magnetic signature of large exhumed mantle domains of the Southwest Indian Ridge – results from a deep-tow geophysical survey over 0 to 11 Ma old seafloor
A. Bronner, D. Sauter, M. Munschy, J. Carlut, R. Searle, M. Cannat, and G. Manatschal
Solid Earth, 5, 339–354,,, 2014
22 May 2014
Observation of a local gravity potential isosurface by airborne lidar of Lake Balaton, Hungary
A. Zlinszky, G. Timár, R. Weber, B. Székely, C. Briese, C. Ressl, and N. Pfeifer
Solid Earth, 5, 355–369,,, 2014
26 May 2014
Comparing a thermo-mechanical Weichselian Ice Sheet reconstruction to reconstructions based on the sea level equation: aspects of ice configurations and glacial isostatic adjustment
P. Schmidt, B. Lund, J-O. Näslund, and J. Fastook
Solid Earth, 5, 371–388,,, 2014
28 May 2014
On the complexity of surface ruptures during normal faulting earthquakes: excerpts from the 6 April 2009 L'Aquila (central Italy) earthquake (Mw 6.3)
L. Bonini, D. Di Bucci, G. Toscani, S. Seno, and G. Valensise
Solid Earth, 5, 389–408,,, 2014
04 Jun 2014
BrO/SO2 molar ratios from scanning DOAS measurements in the NOVAC network
P. Lübcke, N. Bobrowski, S. Arellano, B. Galle, G. Garzón, L. Vogel, and U. Platt
Solid Earth, 5, 409–424,,, 2014
04 Jun 2014
AxiSEM: broadband 3-D seismic wavefields in axisymmetric media
T. Nissen-Meyer, M. van Driel, S. C. Stähler, K. Hosseini, S. Hempel, L. Auer, A. Colombi, and A. Fournier
Solid Earth, 5, 425–445,,, 2014
10 Jun 2014
Lithosphere and upper-mantle structure of the southern Baltic Sea estimated from modelling relative sea-level data with glacial isostatic adjustment
H. Steffen, G. Kaufmann, and R. Lampe
Solid Earth, 5, 447–459,,, 2014
10 Jun 2014
Practical analytical solutions for benchmarking of 2-D and 3-D geodynamic Stokes problems with variable viscosity
I. Yu. Popov, I. S. Lobanov, S. I. Popov, A. I. Popov, and T. V. Gerya
Solid Earth, 5, 461–476,,, 2014
11 Jun 2014
Characterization of hydrochars produced by hydrothermal carbonization of rice husk
D. Kalderis, M. S. Kotti, A. Méndez, and G. Gascó
Solid Earth, 5, 477–483,,, 2014
11 Jun 2014
Variations of soil profile characteristics due to varying time spans since ice retreat in the inner Nordfjord, western Norway
A. Navas, K. Laute, A. A. Beylich, and L. Gaspar
Solid Earth, 5, 485–498,,, 2014
11 Jun 2014
Crop residue decomposition in Minnesota biochar-amended plots
S. L. Weyers and K. A. Spokas
Solid Earth, 5, 499–507,,, 2014
11 Jun 2014
Corrigendum to "A database of plagioclase crystal preferred orientations (CPO) and microstructures – implications for CPO origin, strength, symmetry and seismic anisotropy in gabbroic rocks" published in Solid Earth, 4, 511–542, 2013
T. Satsukawa, B. Ildefonse, D. Mainprice, L. F. G. Morales, K. Michibayashi, and F. Barou
Solid Earth, 5, 509–509,,, 2014
19 Jun 2014
Optimal locations of sea-level indicators in glacial isostatic adjustment investigations
H. Steffen, P. Wu, and H. Wang
Solid Earth, 5, 511–521,,, 2014
26 Jun 2014
A new model of the upper mantle structure beneath the western rim of the East European Craton
M. Dec, M. Malinowski, and E. Perchuc
Solid Earth, 5, 523–535,,, 2014
26 Jun 2014
Testing the effects of basic numerical implementations of water migration on models of subduction dynamics
M. E. T. Quinquis and S. J. H. Buiter
Solid Earth, 5, 537–555,,, 2014
30 Jun 2014
The sensitivity of GNSS measurements in Fennoscandia to distinct three-dimensional upper-mantle structures
H. Steffen and P. Wu
Solid Earth, 5, 557–567,,, 2014
30 Jun 2014
Future Antarctic bed topography and its implications for ice sheet dynamics
S. Adhikari, E. R. Ivins, E. Larour, H. Seroussi, M. Morlighem, and S. Nowicki
Solid Earth, 5, 569–584,,, 2014
30 Jun 2014
Factors driving the carbon mineralization priming effect in a sandy loam soil amended with different types of biochar
P. Cely, A. M. Tarquis, J. Paz-Ferreiro, A. Méndez, and G. Gascó
Solid Earth, 5, 585–594,,, 2014
CC BY 4.0
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