Articles | Volume 8, issue 4
Research article
04 Jul 2017
Research article |  | 04 Jul 2017

Land use change affects biogenic silica pool distribution in a subtropical soil toposequence

Dácil Unzué-Belmonte, Yolanda Ameijeiras-Mariño, Sophie Opfergelt, Jean-Thomas Cornelis, Lúcia Barão, Jean Minella, Patrick Meire, and Eric Struyf

Data sets

Soil texture data Brazilian SOGLO field sites Campforts, B., Van de Broek, M., Trigalet, S., Schoonejans, J., Robinet, J., D. Unzué-Belmonte, Y. Ameijeiras-Mariño, M. L. Vermeire, and J. Minella

Alkaline Extractable Silica -- SOGLO Project D. Unzué-Belmonte, Y. Ameijeiras-Mariño, S. Trigalet, J. Schoonejans, B. Campforts, M. Van de Broek, J. Robinet, and J. Minella

Short summary
We studied the effect of land conversion and erosion intensity on the biogenic silica (BSi) pools in a subtropical soil in the south of Brazil. Our study shows that deforestation will rapidly (< 50 years) deplete (10–53 %) the biogenic alkaline extractable Si (AlkExSi) pool in soils. Higher erosion in steeply sloped sites implies increased deposition of biogenic Si in deposition zones near the bottom of the slope, where rapid burial can cause removal of BSi from biologically active zones.