Subduction zones
Subduction zones
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15 Mar 2013
Introduction to the special issue on "Subduction Zones"
S. J. H. Buiter, F. Funiciello, and J. van Hunen
Solid Earth, 4, 129–133,,, 2013
26 Nov 2012
Subduction to the lower mantle – a comparison between geodynamic and tomographic models
B. Steinberger, T. H. Torsvik, and T. W. Becker
Solid Earth, 3, 415–432,,, 2012
09 Oct 2012
Using open sidewalls for modelling self-consistent lithosphere subduction dynamics
M. V. Chertova, T. Geenen, A. van den Berg, and W. Spakman
Solid Earth, 3, 313–326,,, 2012
31 Jan 2013
Segmentation of the Izu-Bonin and Mariana slabs based on the analysis of the Benioff seismicity distribution and regional tomography results
K. Jaxybulatov, I. Koulakov, and N. L. Dobretsov
Solid Earth, 4, 59–73,,, 2013
07 Nov 2012
Thermal structure and intermediate-depth seismicity in the Tohoku-Hokkaido subduction zones
P. E. van Keken, S. Kita, and J. Nakajima
Solid Earth, 3, 355–364,,, 2012
14 Feb 2012
Tomography of the 2011 Iwaki earthquake (M 7.0) and Fukushima nuclear power plant area
P. Tong, D. Zhao, and D. Yang
Solid Earth, 3, 43–51,,, 2012
17 Apr 2012
The fate of fluids released from subducting slab in northern Cascadia
K. Ramachandran and R. D. Hyndman
Solid Earth, 3, 121–129,,, 2012
03 Sep 2012
Plate kinematics in the Cantabrian domain of the Pyrenean orogen
S. Tavani
Solid Earth, 3, 265–292,,, 2012
23 Nov 2012
Insight into collision zone dynamics from topography: numerical modelling results and observations
A. D. Bottrill, J. van Hunen, and M. B. Allen
Solid Earth, 3, 387–399,,, 2012
05 Sep 2012
Numerical models of slab migration in continental collision zones
V. Magni, J. van Hunen, F. Funiciello, and C. Faccenna
Solid Earth, 3, 293–306,,, 2012
13 Feb 2013
Exhumation of (ultra-)high-pressure terranes: concepts and mechanisms
C. J. Warren
Solid Earth, 4, 75–92,,, 2013
22 Nov 2012
Three-dimensional thermal structure of subduction zones: effects of obliquity and curvature
A. K. Bengtson and P. E. van Keken
Solid Earth, 3, 365–373,,, 2012
21 Dec 2012
Dynamics of interplate domain in subduction zones: influence of rheological parameters and subducting plate age
D. Arcay
Solid Earth, 3, 467–488,,, 2012
22 Feb 2012
Effect of glacial-interglacial sea-level changes on the displacement and stress field in the forearc and along the plate interface of subduction zones
T. Li and A. Hampel
Solid Earth, 3, 63–70,,, 2012
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