Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
Research article
01 Jul 2020
Research article |  | 01 Jul 2020

Sequential inversion of GOCE satellite gravity gradient data and terrestrial gravity data for the lithospheric density structure in the North China Craton

Yu Tian and Yong Wang

Data sets

Remaining gravity gradients and inversion results Yu Tian

Towards a better understanding of the Earth's interior and geophysical exporation research "GOCE+ Geoexplore II" N. Pavel

Tesseroids: forward modeling in spherical coordinates L. Uieda and C. Braitenberg

CRUST 1.0: A new global crustal model at 1x1 degrees G. Laske

Short summary
Given the inconsistency of the plane height and also the effects of the initial density model on the inversion results, the sequential inversion of on-orbit GOCE satellite gravity gradient and terrestrial gravity are divided into two integrated processes. Some new findings are discovered through the reliable and effective inversion results in the North China Craton.