Articles | Volume 11, issue 5
Research article
12 Oct 2020
Research article |  | 12 Oct 2020

Geologic characterization of nonconformities using outcrop and core analogs: hydrologic implications for injection-induced seismicity

Elizabeth S. Petrie, Kelly K. Bradbury, Laura Cuccio, Kayla Smith, James P. Evans, John P. Ortiz, Kellie Kerner, Mark Person, and Peter Mozley

Data sets

Geological Characterization of Precambrian Nonconformities: Implications for Injection-Induced Seismicity in the Midcontinent United States L. Cuccio

Micro- To Macro-Scale Structural And Lithological Architecture Of Basal Nonconformities: Implications For Fluid Flow And Injection Induced Seismicity G. Hesseltine

Short summary
A summary of observed rock properties across the contact between crystalline basement rock and the overlying younger sedimentary rocks from outcrop and core samples is presented. The data span a range of tectonic settings and describe the rock types immediately adjacent to the contact. The range of features observed at these contacts can influence the migration of fluids. The observations presented here are critical for the safe implementation of fluid injection and geothermal production.