Articles | Volume 11, issue 6
Solid Earth, 11, 1969–1985, 2020

Special issue: Faults, fractures, and fluid flow in the shallow crust

Solid Earth, 11, 1969–1985, 2020

Research article 05 Nov 2020

Research article | 05 Nov 2020

Spatiotemporal history of fault–fluid interaction in the Hurricane fault, western USA

Jace M. Koger and Dennis L. Newell

Data sets

Calcite vein C and O stable isotope values, fluid inclusion microthermometry, and U-Th dates from the Hurricane Fault zone, Utah and Arizona, USA Dennis L. Newell and Jace M. Koger

Short summary
The Hurricane fault is a major and active normal fault located in the southwestern USA. This study utilizes the geochemistry and dating of calcite veins associated with the fault to characterize ancient groundwater flow. Results show that waters moving along the fault over the last 540 000 years were a mixture of infiltrating fresh water and deep, warm salty groundwater. The formation of calcite veins may be related to ancient earthquakes, and the fault influences regional groundwater flow.