Articles | Volume 11, issue 2
Solid Earth, 11, 469–488, 2020

Special issue: The Iberian Massif in the frame of the European Variscan...

Solid Earth, 11, 469–488, 2020

Research article 03 Apr 2020

Research article | 03 Apr 2020

Deciphering the metamorphic evolution of the Pulo do Lobo metasedimentary domain (SW Iberian Variscides)

Irene Pérez-Cáceres et al.

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Oblique collision and deformation partitioning in the SW Iberian Variscides
Irene Pérez-Cáceres, José Fernando Simancas, David Martínez Poyatos, Antonio Azor, and Francisco González Lodeiro
Solid Earth, 7, 857–872,,, 2016

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Short summary
The metamorphism of the Pulo do Lobo unit (SW Iberian Massif) is described in this paper. To this end, three different and complementary methodologies have been applied. The new results reported here contribute to the knowledge of the metamorphic conditions of the Pulo do Lobo unit in relation to its deformation. Furthermore, the results are compared in order to assess the reliability of the different methods applied.