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Solid Earth, 12, 119–139, 2021

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Solid Earth, 12, 119–139, 2021

Research article 20 Jan 2021

Research article | 20 Jan 2021

Reproducing pyroclastic density current deposits of the 79 CE eruption of the Somma–Vesuvius volcano using the box-model approach

Alessandro Tadini et al.

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Thematic vent opening probability maps and hazard assessment of small-scale pyroclastic density currents in the San Salvador volcanic complex (El Salvador) and Nejapa-Chiltepe volcanic complex (Nicaragua)
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PLUME-MoM-TSM 1.0.0: a volcanic column and umbrella cloud spreading model
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ConvectiveFoam1.0: development and benchmarking of a infinite-Pr number solver
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Statistical theory of probabilistic hazard maps: a probability distribution for the hazard boundary location
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Probabilistic forecasting of plausible debris flows from Nevado de Colima (Mexico) using data from the Atenquique debris flow, 1955
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In this paper we test a simplified numerical model for pyroclastic density currents or PDCs (mixtures of hot gas, lapilli and ash moving across the landscape under the effect of gravity). The aim is quantifying the differences between real and modelled deposits of some PDCs of the 79 CE eruption of Vesuvius, Italy. This step is important because in the paper it is demonstrated that this simplified model is useful for constraining input parameters for more computationally expensive models.