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09 Sep 2021
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 09 Sep 2021

Rheological stratification in impure rock salt during long-term creep: morphology, microstructure, and numerical models of multilayer folds in the Ocnele Mari salt mine, Romania

Marta Adamuszek, Dan M. Tămaş, Jessica Barabasch, and Janos L. Urai

Model code and software

Fold geometry toolbox - Automated determination of fold shae, shortening, and material properties M. Adamuszek, D. W. Schmid, and M. Dabrowski

A numerical tool to simulate the development of structures in layered media M. Adamuszek, M. Dabrowski, and D. W. Schmid

Short summary
We analyse folded multilayer sequences in the Ocnele Mari salt mine (Romania) to gain insight into the long-term rheological behaviour of rock salt. Our results indicate the large role of even a small number of impurities in the rock salt for its effective mechanical behaviour. We demonstrate how the development of folds that occur at various scales can be used to constrain the viscosity ratio in the deformed multilayer sequence.