Articles | Volume 12, issue 3
Solid Earth, 12, 665–689, 2021
Solid Earth, 12, 665–689, 2021

Method article 19 Mar 2021

Method article | 19 Mar 2021

Benchmark study using a multi-scale, multi-methodological approach for the petrophysical characterization of reservoir sandstones

Peleg Haruzi et al.

Data sets

Datasets related to the samples S1, S2, S3 explored in the paper Peleg Haruzi, Regina Katsman, Matthias Halisch, Nicolas Waldmann, and Baruch Spiro

Short summary
In this paper, we evaluate a multi-methodological approach for the comprehensive characterization of reservoir sandstones. The approach enables identification of links between rock permeability and textural and topological rock descriptors quantified at microscale. It is applied to study samples from three sandstone layers of Lower Cretaceous age in northern Israel, which differ in features observed at the outcrop, hand specimen and micro-CT scales, and leads to their accurate characterization.