Articles | Volume 13, issue 8
Research article
23 Aug 2022
Research article |  | 23 Aug 2022

An efficient probabilistic workflow for estimating induced earthquake parameters in 3D heterogeneous media

La Ode Marzujriban Masfara, Thomas Cullison, and Cornelis Weemstra

Model code and software

code-cullison/pyaspect: First Release T. Cullison and L. O. M. Masfara

code-cullison/gnam: First Release T. Cullison, L. O. M. Masfara, and R. Hawkins

Short summary
Induced earthquakes are natural phenomena in which the events are associated with human activities. Although the magnitudes of these events are mostly smaller than tectonic events, in some cases, the magnitudes can be high enough to damage buildings near the event's location. To study these (high-magnitude) induced events, we developed a workflow in which the recorded data from an earthquake are used to describe the source and monitor the area for other (potentially high-magnitude) earthquakes.