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23 Jan 2023
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Anatomy of a high-silica eruption as observed by a local seismic network: the June 2011 Puyehue–Cordón Caulle event (southern Andes, Chile)

Daniel Basualto, Andrés Tassara, Jonathan Lazo-Gil, Luis Franco-Marin, Carlos Cardona, Juan San Martín, Fernando Gil-Cruz, Marcela Calabi-Floddy, and Cristian Farías

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Executive editor
The paper represents a very detailed study of the geophysical precursors recorded before and during a major recent explosive eruption. Moreover, the results permit to partly validate and discuss recent models of volcano unrest and have large applications for the monitoring of hazardous volcanoes worldwide.
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Infrequent eruptions of acidic magma are one of the most dangerous natural phenomena, but almost none of them have been witnessed by modern science. We present the first systematic characterization of seismicity recorded near an erupting acidic volcano (Cordón Caulle 2011). We define different phases of unrest and eruption, which combined with previous findings allows us to discuss the main processes associated with this type of violent eruption, with implications for their volcanic hazard.