Articles | Volume 15, issue 2
Research article
12 Feb 2024
Research article |  | 12 Feb 2024

Global seismic energy scaling relationships based on the type of faulting

Quetzalcoatl Rodríguez-Pérez and F. Ramón Zúñiga

Model code and software

GenericMappingTools/gmt P. Wessel et al.

ElsevierSoftwareX/SOFTX_2018_227 J. A. Álvarez-Gómez

Short summary
The behavior of seismic energy parameters and their possible dependence on the type of fault for globally detected earthquakes were studied. For this purpose, different energy estimation methods were used. Equations were obtained to convert energies obtained in different ways. The dependence of the seismic energy on the focal mechanism was confirmed up to depths close to 180 km. The results will help to explain the seismic rupture of earthquakes generated at greater depth.