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19 May 2014
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Magnetic signature of large exhumed mantle domains of the Southwest Indian Ridge – results from a deep-tow geophysical survey over 0 to 11 Ma old seafloor

A. Bronner, D. Sauter, M. Munschy, J. Carlut, R. Searle, M. Cannat, and G. Manatschal

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Along-strike variation of volcanic addition controlling post breakup sedimentary infill: Pelotas margin, Austral South Atlantic
Marlise Colling Cassel, Nick Kusznir, Gianreto Manatschal, and Daniel Sauter
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Role of inheritance during tectonic inversion of a rift system in basement-involved to salt-decoupled transition: analogue modelling and application to the Pyrenean–Biscay system
Jordi Miró, Oriol Ferrer, Josep Anton Muñoz, and Gianreto Manastchal
Solid Earth, 14, 425–445,,, 2023
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Complex rift patterns, a result of interacting crustal and mantle weaknesses, or multiphase rifting? Insights from analogue models
Frank Zwaan, Pauline Chenin, Duncan Erratt, Gianreto Manatschal, and Guido Schreurs
Solid Earth, 12, 1473–1495,,, 2021
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Magnetic observatories: biases over CHAMP satellite mission
G. Verbanac, M. Mandea, M. Bandić, and S. Subašić
Solid Earth, 6, 775–781,,, 2015
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Post-processing scheme for modelling the lithospheric magnetic field
V. Lesur, M. Rother, F. Vervelidou, M. Hamoudi, and E. Thébault
Solid Earth, 4, 105–118,,, 2013
Geomagnetic jerks characterization via spectral analysis
B. Duka, A. De Santis, M. Mandea, A. Isac, and E. Qamili
Solid Earth, 3, 131–148,,, 2012
Paleointensities on 8 ka obsidian from Mayor Island, New Zealand
A. Ferk, R. Leonhardt, K.-U. Hess, and D. B. Dingwell
Solid Earth, 2, 259–270,,, 2011

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