Articles | Volume 8, issue 2
Research article
23 Mar 2017
Research article |  | 23 Mar 2017

Active faulting, 3-D geological architecture and Plio-Quaternary structural evolution of extensional basins in the central Apennine chain, Italy

Stefano Gori, Emanuela Falcucci, Chiara Ladina, Simone Marzorati, and Fabrizio Galadini

Data sets

Dataset of the seismic noise measurements performed from 2009 to 2012 in Subequana Valley (central Italy) C. Ladina, S. Marzorati, E. Falcucci, and S. Gori

Short summary
We integrated geological and geophysical data to study the evolution of a large sector of the central Apennines, in Italy. The adopted approach permitted us to cast light on timing of faults activity over the past about 2 million years. The results we obtained has implication in terms of assessment of seismic sources of strong earthquakes. In particular, we defined which of the investigated faults are able to produce large-magnitude seismic events and which are no longer able.