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Solid Earth, 8, 883–898, 2017

Special issue: Analysis of deformation microstructures and mechanisms on...

Solid Earth, 8, 883–898, 2017

Research article 06 Sep 2017

Research article | 06 Sep 2017

EBSD analysis of subgrain boundaries and dislocation slip systems in Antarctic and Greenland ice

Ilka Weikusat et al.

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Comment on “Exceptionally high heat flux needed to sustain the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream” by Smith-Johnsen et al. (2020)
Paul D. Bons, Tamara de Riese, Steven Franke, Maria-Gema Llorens, Till Sachau, Nicolas Stoll, Ilka Weikusat, Julien Westhoff, and Yu Zhang
The Cryosphere, 15, 2251–2254,,, 2021
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Airborne ultra-wideband radar sounding over the shear margins and along flow lines at the onset region of the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream
Steven Franke, Daniela Jansen, Tobias Binder, John D. Paden, Nils Dörr, Tamara Gerber, Heinrich Miller, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Veit Helm, Daniel Steinhage, Ilka Weikusat, Frank Wilhelms, and Olaf Eisen
Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss.,,, 2021
Preprint under review for ESSD
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Crystallographic analysis of temperate ice on Rhonegletscher, Swiss Alps
Sebastian Hellmann, Johanna Kerch, Ilka Weikusat, Andreas Bauder, Melchior Grab, Guillaume Jouvet, Margit Schwikowski, and Hansruedi Maurer
The Cryosphere, 15, 677–694,,, 2021
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Acoustic velocity measurements for detecting the crystal orientation fabrics of a temperate ice core
Sebastian Hellmann, Melchior Grab, Johanna Kerch, Henning Löwe, Andreas Bauder, Ilka Weikusat, and Hansruedi Maurer
The Cryosphere Discuss.,,, 2021
Preprint under review for TC
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Using a composite flow law to model deformation in the NEEM deep ice core, Greenland – Part 1: The role of grain size and grain size distribution on deformation of the upper 2207 m
Ernst-Jan N. Kuiper, Ilka Weikusat, Johannes H. P. de Bresser, Daniela Jansen, Gill M. Pennock, and Martyn R. Drury
The Cryosphere, 14, 2429–2448,,, 2020
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Strain field evolution at the ductile-to-brittle transition: a case study on ice
Thomas Chauve, Maurine Montagnat, Cedric Lachaud, David Georges, and Pierre Vacher
Solid Earth, 8, 943–953,,, 2017
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Understanding the flow of large ice masses on Earth is a major challenge in our changing climate. Deformation mechanisms are governed by the strong anisotropy of ice. As anisotropy is currently moving into the focus of ice sheet flow studies, we provide a detailed analysis of microstructure data from natural ice core samples which directly relate to anisotropic plasticity. Our findings reveal surprising dislocation activity which seems to contradict the concept of macroscopic ice anisotropy.