Articles | Volume 9, issue 6
Solid Earth, 9, 1277–1298, 2018

Special issue: Advances in seismic imaging across the scales

Solid Earth, 9, 1277–1298, 2018

Research article 07 Nov 2018

Research article | 07 Nov 2018

Second-order scalar wave field modeling with a first-order perfectly matched layer

Xiaoyu Zhang et al.

Data sets

Seismic dataset of different finite difference method and different absorbing conditions, Mendeley Dat X. Zhang

Short summary
We propose a new boundary matched algorithm which can effectively combine the traditional first-order perfectly matched layer algorithm into the conventional-grid finite-difference scheme in a second-order system. This novel boundary method takes the advantages of the conventional-grid scheme and perfectly matched layer boundary conditions, making a good compromise of accuracy, excellent absorption effect, and high computational efficiency. Our method is also easy to implement.