Articles | Volume 9, issue 3
Research article
29 May 2018
Research article |  | 29 May 2018

Permeability and seismic velocity anisotropy across a ductile–brittle fault zone in crystalline rock

Quinn C. Wenning, Claudio Madonna, Antoine de Haller, and Jean-Pierre Burg

Data sets

Dataset for "Permeability and seismic velocity anisotropy across a ductile-brittle fault zone in crystalline rock" Q. C. Wenning, C. Madonna, A. de Haller, and J.‑P. Burg

Short summary
We measured the elastic and fluid flow properties in a ductile-brittle shear zone. The results suggest that although brittle deformation has persisted in the recent fault evolution, precursory ductile microstructure continues to control the petrophysical properties outside the fault core. The results are a glimpse into the evolutionary path of a shear zone during the ductile to brittle transition and are insightful for geothermal energy and geologic waste disposal exploitation and usage.