Articles | Volume 10, issue 5
Research article
17 Sep 2019
Research article |  | 17 Sep 2019

From mapped faults to fault-length earthquake magnitude (FLEM): a test on Italy with methodological implications

Fabio Trippetta, Patrizio Petricca, Andrea Billi, Cristiano Collettini, Marco Cuffaro, Anna Maria Lombardi, Davide Scrocca, Giancarlo Ventura, Andrea Morgante, and Carlo Doglioni

Data sets

Revised dataset of known faults in Italy P. Petricca, F. Trippetta, A. Billi, C. Collettini, M. Cuffaro, D. Scrocca, C. Doglioni, G. Ventura, and A. Morgante

Catalogo Parametrico dei Terremoti Italiani (CPTI15) A. Rovida, M. Locati, R. Camassi, B. Lolli, and P. Gasperini

Short summary
Considering all mapped faults in Italy, empirical scaling laws between fault dimensions and earthquake magnitude are used at the national scale. Results are compared with earthquake catalogues. The consistency between our results and the catalogues gives credibility to the method. Some large differences between the two datasets suggest the validation of this experiment elsewhere.