Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
Research article
04 Jun 2020
Research article |  | 04 Jun 2020

On the self-regulating effect of grain size evolution in mantle convection models: application to thermochemical piles

Jana Schierjott, Antoine Rozel, and Paul Tackley

Data sets

Datasets for models 3,7 and 72 (exemplary models) Jana Schierjott

Model code and software

Codes for data processing for exemplary models Jana Schierjott

Short summary
We investigate the size of mineral grains of Earth's rocks in computer models of the whole Earth. This is relevant because grain size affects the stiffness (large grains are stiffer) and deformation of the Earth's mantle. We see that mineral grains grow inside stable non-deforming regions of the Earth. However, these regions are less stiff than expected. On the other hand, we find that grain size diminishes during deformation events such as when surface material comes down into the Earth.