Articles | Volume 12, issue 5
Research article
11 May 2021
Research article |  | 11 May 2021

Transversely isotropic lower crust of Variscan central Europe imaged by ambient noise tomography of the Bohemian Massif

Jiří Kvapil, Jaroslava Plomerová, Hana Kampfová Exnerová, Vladislav Babuška, György Hetényi, and AlpArray Working Group

Data sets

CRAB1.0 – A regional-scale crustal model of Bohemian Massif at 0.2° N x 0.3° E from ambient noise tomography J. Kvapil and J. Plomerová\#crab1.0

Short summary
This paper presents a high-resolution 3-D shear wave velocity (vS) model of the Bohemian Massif crust imaged from high-density data and enhanced depth sensitivity of tomographic inversion. The dominant features of the model are relatively higher vS in the upper crust than in its surrounding, a distinct intra-crustal interface, and a velocity decrease in the lower part of the crust. The low vS in the lower part of the crust is explained by the anisotropic fabric of the lower crust.