Articles | Volume 12, issue 3
Solid Earth, 12, 613–632, 2021
Solid Earth, 12, 613–632, 2021

Research article 10 Mar 2021

Research article | 10 Mar 2021

The role of edge-driven convection in the generation of volcanism – Part 1: A 2D systematic study

Antonio Manjón-Cabeza Córdoba and Maxim D. Ballmer

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Coupled dynamics and evolution of primordial and recycled heterogeneity in Earth's lower mantle
Anna Johanna Pia Gülcher, Maxim Dionys Ballmer, and Paul James Tackley
Solid Earth, 12, 2087–2107,,, 2021
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Timescales of chemical equilibrium between the convecting solid mantle and over- and underlying magma oceans
Daniela Paz Bolrão, Maxim D. Ballmer, Adrien Morison, Antoine B. Rozel, Patrick Sanan, Stéphane Labrosse, and Paul J. Tackley
Solid Earth, 12, 421–437,,, 2021
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Subject area: Tectonic plate interactions, magma genesis, and lithosphere deformation at all scales | Editorial team: Geodesy, gravity, and geomagnetism | Discipline: Geodynamics
Analytical solution for residual stress and strain preserved in anisotropic inclusion entrapped in an isotropic host
Xin Zhong, Marcin Dabrowski, and Bjørn Jamtveit
Solid Earth, 12, 817–833,,, 2021
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Gravity effect of Alpine slab segments based on geophysical and petrological modelling
Maximilian Lowe, Jörg Ebbing, Amr El-Sharkawy, and Thomas Meier
Solid Earth, 12, 691–711,,, 2021
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The effect of effective rock viscosity on 2-D magmatic porosity waves
Janik Dohmen, Harro Schmeling, and Jan Philipp Kruse
Solid Earth, 10, 2103–2113,,, 2019
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The study of intraplate volcanism can inform us about underlying mantle dynamic processes and thermal and/or compositional anomalies. Here, we investigated numerical models of mantle flow and melting of edge-driven convection (EDC), a potential origin for intraplate volcanism. Our most important conclusion is that EDC can only produce moderate amounts of mantle melting. By itself, EDC is insufficient to support the formation of voluminous island-building volcanism over several millions of years.