Articles | Volume 13, issue 9
Research article
09 Sep 2022
Research article |  | 09 Sep 2022

Multiscale lineament analysis and permeability heterogeneity of fractured crystalline basement blocks

Alberto Ceccato, Giulia Tartaglia, Marco Antonellini, and Giulio Viola

Data sets

Online Data Repository for Ceccato et al. 2022 - SolidEarth Alberto Ceccato

Short summary
The Earth's surface is commonly characterized by the occurrence of fractures, which can be mapped, and their can be geometry quantified on digital representations of the surface at different scales of observation. Here we present a series of analytical and statistical tools, which can aid the quantification of fracture spatial distribution at different scales. In doing so, we can improve our understanding of how fracture geometry and geology affect fluid flow within the fractured Earth crust.