Articles | Volume 10, issue 6
Research article
07 Nov 2019
Research article |  | 07 Nov 2019

Hydraulic fracture propagation in a heterogeneous stress field in a crystalline rock mass

Nathan Dutler, Benoît Valley, Valentin Gischig, Linus Villiger, Hannes Krietsch, Joseph Doetsch, Bernard Brixel, Mohammadreza Jalali, and Florian Amann

Data sets

Hydro mechanical data set from the six Grimsel ISC hydraulic fracturing experiments Nathan Dutler, Valentin Gischig, Joseph Doetsch, Mohammadreza Jalali, Hannes Krietsch, Florian Amann

Grimsel ISC Experiment Description J. Doetsch, V. Gischig, H. Krietsch, L. Villiger, F. Amann, N. Dutler, R. Jalali, B. Brixel, P. Giertzuch, H. Maurer, S. Wiemer, S. Loew, M. Saar, and D. Giardini

On the link between stress field and small-scale hydraulic fracture growth in anisotropic rock derived from microseismicity ( V. S. Gischig, J. Doetsch, H. Maurer, H. Krietsch, F. Amann, K. F. Evans, M. Nejati, M. Jalali, B. Valley, A. C. Obermann, S. Wiemer, and D. Giardini

Short summary
In this study, we present seismo-hydromechanical results from six hydraulic fracturing experiments executed in the framework of the In-situ Stimulation and Circulation (ISC) project. The well-characterized and extensively monitored target rock allows for the study of (1) the response of the rock mass, (2) the injection and pore pressure response, and (3) the geometry of newly created fractures and their interaction with the natural fracture network.