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Method article
17 Jan 2024
Method article |  | 17 Jan 2024

Modeling liquid transport in the Earth's mantle as two-phase flow: effect of an enforced positive porosity on liquid flow and mass conservation

Changyeol Lee, Nestor G. Cerpa, Dongwoo Han, and Ikuko Wada

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Subject area: Core and mantle structure and dynamics | Editorial team: Geodynamics and quantitative modelling | Discipline: Geodynamics
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Fluids and melts in the mantle are key to the Earth’s evolution. The main driving force for their transport is the compaction of the porous mantle. Numerically, the compaction equations can yield unphysical negative liquid fractions (porosity), and it is necessary to enforce positive porosity. However, the effect of such a treatment on liquid flow and mass conservation has not been quantified. We found that although mass conservation is affected, the liquid pathways are well resolved.