Articles | Volume 6, issue 2
Solid Earth, 6, 633–641, 2015
Solid Earth, 6, 633–641, 2015

Research article 04 Jun 2015

Research article | 04 Jun 2015

Understanding the factors influencing rill erosion on roadcuts in the south eastern region of South Africa

K. E. Seutloali and H. R. Beckedahl

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Soil System Science
Discussing the genesis of karst rocky desertification research based on the correlations between cropland and settlements in typical peak-cluster depressions
Yang Bing Li, Qiong Yao Li, Guang Jie Luo, Xiao Yong Bai, Yong Yan Wang, Shi Jie Wang, Jing Xie, and Guang Bin Yang
Solid Earth, 7, 741–750,,, 2016
Short summary
Determinants of farmers' tree-planting investment decisions as a degraded landscape management strategy in the central highlands of Ethiopia
Berhan Gessesse, Woldeamlak Bewket, and Achim Bräuning
Solid Earth, 7, 639–650,,, 2016
Short summary
The effects of grazing on the spatial pattern of elm (Ulmus pumila L.) in the sparse woodland steppe of Horqin Sandy Land in northeastern China
M. Zhang, J. Wu, and Y. Tang
Solid Earth, 7, 631–637,,, 2016
Short summary
Rangeland degradation assessment: a new strategy based on the ecological knowledge of indigenous pastoralists
Bahareh Behmanesh, Hossein Barani, Ahmad Abedi Sarvestani, Mohammad Reza Shahraki, and Mohsen Sharafatmandrad
Solid Earth, 7, 611–619,,, 2016
Short summary
The role of sexual vs. asexual recruitment of Artemisia wudanica in transition zone habitats between inter-dune lowlands and active dunes in Inner Mongolia, China
Yongcui Wang, Busso Carlos Alberto, Deming Jiang, Musa Ala, Xuehua Li, Quanlai Zhou, Jixiang Lin, Guohua Ren, and Lian Jia
Solid Earth, 7, 621–629,,, 2016

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