Articles | Volume 9, issue 2
Research article
23 Apr 2018
Research article |  | 23 Apr 2018

Controls on fault zone structure and brittle fracturing in the foliated hanging wall of the Alpine Fault

Jack N. Williams, Virginia G. Toy, Cécile Massiot, David D. McNamara, Steven A. F. Smith, and Steven Mills

Data sets

X-ray Computed Tomography and borehole televiewer images of the Alpine Fault's hanging-wall, New Zealand: Deep Fault Drilling Project phase 1 (DFDP-1) and Amethyst Hydro Project (AHP) J. Williams, V. Toy, C. Massiot, and D. McNamara

Model code and software

Generating circumferential images of tomographic drill-core scans S. Mills and J. Williams

Short summary
We present new data on the orientation of fractures, their fill, and their density around the Alpine Fault, a plate boundary fault on the South Island of New Zealand. Fractures < 160 m of the fault are filled and show a range of orientations, whilst fractures at greater distances (< 500 m) are open and parallel to the rock's mechanical weakness. We interpret the latter fracture set to reflect near-surface processes, whilst the latter are potentially linked to deep-seated Alpine Fault seismicity.