Articles | Volume 9, issue 2
Solid Earth, 9, 469–489, 2018
Solid Earth, 9, 469–489, 2018

Research article 23 Apr 2018

Research article | 23 Apr 2018

Controls on fault zone structure and brittle fracturing in the foliated hanging wall of the Alpine Fault

Jack N. Williams et al.

Data sets

X-ray Computed Tomography and borehole televiewer images of the Alpine Fault's hanging-wall, New Zealand: Deep Fault Drilling Project phase 1 (DFDP-1) and Amethyst Hydro Project (AHP) J. Williams, V. Toy, C. Massiot, and D. McNamara

Model code and software

Generating circumferential images of tomographic drill-core scans S. Mills and J. Williams

Short summary
We present new data on the orientation of fractures, their fill, and their density around the Alpine Fault, a plate boundary fault on the South Island of New Zealand. Fractures < 160 m of the fault are filled and show a range of orientations, whilst fractures at greater distances (< 500 m) are open and parallel to the rock's mechanical weakness. We interpret the latter fracture set to reflect near-surface processes, whilst the latter are potentially linked to deep-seated Alpine Fault seismicity.