Articles | Volume 11, issue 6
Solid Earth, 11, 2463–2485, 2020

Special issue: Inversion tectonics – 30 years later

Solid Earth, 11, 2463–2485, 2020
Research article
14 Dec 2020
Research article | 14 Dec 2020

Birth and closure of the Kallipetra Basin: Late Cretaceous reworking of the Jurassic Pelagonian–Axios/Vardar contact (northern Greece)

Lydia R. Bailey et al.

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Subject area: The evolving Earth surface | Editorial team: Stratigraphy, sedimentology, geomorphology, morphotectonics, and palaeontology | Discipline: Sedimentology
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Short summary
The Kallipetra Basin, formed in the Late Cretaceous on the reworked Pelagonian–Axios–Vardar contact in the Hellenides, is described for the first time. We document how and when the basin evolved in response to tectonic forcings and basin inversion. Cenomanian extension and basin widening was followed by Turonian compression and basin inversion. Thrusting occurred earlier than previously reported in the literature, with a vergence to the NE, at odds with the regional SW vergence of the margin.