Articles | Volume 11, issue 2
Solid Earth, 11, 329–348, 2020
Solid Earth, 11, 329–348, 2020

Research article 16 Mar 2020

Research article | 16 Mar 2020

Using seismic attributes in seismotectonic research: an application to the Norcia Mw = 6.5 earthquake (30 October 2016) in central Italy

Maurizio Ercoli et al.

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GPR signature of Quaternary faulting: a study from the Mt. Pollino region, southern Apennines, Italy
Maurizio Ercoli, Daniele Cirillo, Cristina Pauselli, Harry M. Jol, and Francesco Brozzetti
Solid Earth Discuss.,,, 2021
Preprint under review for SE
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Subject area: The evolving Earth surface | Editorial team: Rock deformation, geomorphology, morphotectonics, and paleoseismology | Discipline: Tectonics
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Solid Earth, 11, 363–378,,, 2020
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Relative timing of uplift along the Zagros Mountain Front Flexure (Kurdistan Region of Iraq): Constrained by geomorphic indices and landscape evolution modeling
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We present a first application of seismic attributes, a well-known technique in the oil and gas industry, to vintage seismic reflection profiles in a seismotectonic study. Our results improve data interpretability, allowing us to detect peculiar geophysical signatures of faulting and a regional seismogenic layer. We suggest a new tool for both seismotectonic research and assessments of the seismic hazard, not only in the central Apennines (Italy), but also in seismically active areas abroad.