Articles | Volume 12, issue 5
Solid Earth, 12, 1185–1196, 2021

Special issue: New insights into the tectonic evolution of the Alps and the...

Solid Earth, 12, 1185–1196, 2021

Research article 27 May 2021

Research article | 27 May 2021

Moho topography beneath the European Eastern Alps by global-phase seismic interferometry

Irene Bianchi et al.

Data sets

Eastern Alpine Seismic Investigation (EASI) - AlpArray Complimentary Experiment AlpArray Seismic Network

Short summary
The European Alps formed during collision between the European and Adriatic plates and are one of the most studied orogens for understanding the dynamics of mountain building. In the Eastern Alps, the contact between the colliding plates is still a matter of debate. We have used the records from distant earthquakes to highlight the geometries of the crust–mantle boundary in the Eastern Alpine area; our results suggest a complex and faulted internal crustal structure beneath the higher crests.