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Research article
06 Apr 2021
Research article |  | 06 Apr 2021

Multi-scale analysis and modelling of aeromagnetic data over the Bétaré-Oya area in eastern Cameroon, for structural evidence investigations

Christian Emile Nyaban, Théophile Ndougsa-Mbarga, Marcelin Bikoro-Bi-Alou, Stella Amina Manekeng Tadjouteu, and Stephane Patrick Assembe

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Structural features derived from a Multiscale Analysis and 2.75D Modelling of Aeromagnetic Data over the Pitoa-Figuil Area (Northern Cameroon)
Voltaire Souga Kassia, Theophile Ndougsa-Mbarga, Arsène Meying, Jean Daniel Ngoh, and Steve Ngoa Embeng
Solid Earth Discuss.,,, 2020
Manuscript not accepted for further review
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A multi-scale analysis of aeromagnetic data combining tilt derivative, Euler deconvolution, upward continuation, and 2.75D modelling was applied over Cameroon between the latitudes 5°30'–6° N and the longitudes 13°30'–14°45' E. Major families of faults oriented ENE–WSW, E–W, NW–SE, and N–S with a NE–SW prevalence were mapped. Depths of interpreted faults range from 1000 to 3400 m, mylonitic veins were identified, and 2.75D modelling revealed fault depths greater than 1200 m.