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Short summary
23 Jul 2014
Physicochemical changes in pyrogenic organic matter (biochar) after 15 months of field aging
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Short summary
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Global distribution of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary: a new look
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Short summary
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Short summary
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Short summary
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Triplicated P-wave measurements for waveform tomography of the mantle transition zone
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21 Dec 2017
Rapid, semi-automatic fracture and contact mapping for point clouds, images and geophysical data
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Short summary
29 Apr 2016
Effect of polluted water on soil and plant contamination by heavy metals in El-Mahla El-Kobra, Egypt
Esawy Kasem Mahmoud and Adel Mohamed Ghoneim
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Short summary
11 Jun 2014
Crop residue decomposition in Minnesota biochar-amended plots
S. L. Weyers and K. A. Spokas
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Abigail Hackston and Ernest Rutter
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Short summary
01 Aug 2014
Plate tectonic raster reconstruction in GPlates
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Finite lattice distortion patterns in plastically deformed zircon grains
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Short summary
25 Jan 2018
On the link between stress field and small-scale hydraulic fracture growth in anisotropic rock derived from microseismicity
Valentin Samuel Gischig, Joseph Doetsch, Hansruedi Maurer, Hannes Krietsch, Florian Amann, Keith Frederick Evans, Morteza Nejati, Mohammadreza Jalali, Benoît Valley, Anne Christine Obermann, Stefan Wiemer, and Domenico Giardini
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08 Sep 2014
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T. A. Ghezzehei, D. V. Sarkhot, and A. A. Berhe
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A re-evaluation of the Italian historical geomagnetic catalogue: implications for paleomagnetic dating at active Italian volcanoes
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Application of soil quality indices to assess the status of agricultural soils irrigated with treated wastewaters
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Biochar increases plant-available water in a sandy loam soil under an aerobic rice crop system
M. T. de Melo Carvalho, A. de Holanda Nunes Maia, B. E. Madari, L. Bastiaans, P. A. J. van Oort, A. B. Heinemann, M. A. Soler da Silva, F. A. Petter, B. H. Marimon Jr., and H. Meinke
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21 Feb 2018
The seismo-hydromechanical behavior during deep geothermal reservoir stimulations: open questions tackled in a decameter-scale in situ stimulation experiment
Florian Amann, Valentin Gischig, Keith Evans, Joseph Doetsch, Reza Jalali, Benoît Valley, Hannes Krietsch, Nathan Dutler, Linus Villiger, Bernard Brixel, Maria Klepikova, Anniina Kittilä, Claudio Madonna, Stefan Wiemer, Martin O. Saar, Simon Loew, Thomas Driesner, Hansruedi Maurer, and Domenico Giardini
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24 Sep 2013
Extreme extension across Seram and Ambon, eastern Indonesia: evidence for Banda slab rollback
J. M. Pownall, R. Hall, and I. M. Watkinson
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04 May 2018
Sedimentary mechanisms of a modern banded iron formation on Milos Island, Greece
Ernest Chi Fru, Stephanos Kilias, Magnus Ivarsson, Jayne E. Rattray, Katerina Gkika, Iain McDonald, Qian He, and Curt Broman
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Short summary
20 Jun 2018
The seismogenic fault system of the 2017 Mw 7.3 Iran–Iraq earthquake: constraints from surface and subsurface data, cross-section balancing, and restoration
Stefano Tavani, Mariano Parente, Francesco Puzone, Amerigo Corradetti, Gholamreza Gharabeigli, Mehdi Valinejad, Davoud Morsalnejad, and Stefano Mazzoli
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Short summary
02 Jul 2014
Did Adria rotate relative to Africa?
D. J. J. van Hinsbergen, M. Mensink, C. G. Langereis, M. Maffione, L. Spalluto, M. Tropeano, and L. Sabato
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15 Jan 2019
A multi-technology analysis of the 2017 North Korean nuclear test
Peter Gaebler, Lars Ceranna, Nima Nooshiri, Andreas Barth, Simone Cesca, Michaela Frei, Ilona Grünberg, Gernot Hartmann, Karl Koch, Christoph Pilger, J. Ole Ross, and Torsten Dahm
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Short summary
04 Dec 2012
Bromine monoxide / sulphur dioxide ratios in relation to volcanological observations at Mt. Etna 2006–2009
N. Bobrowski and G. Giuffrida
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CC BY 4.0