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21 Feb 2022
Research article |  | 21 Feb 2022

Reflection tomography by depth warping: a case study across the Java trench

Yueyang Xia, Dirk Klaeschen, Heidrun Kopp, and Michael Schnabel

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Marine forearc structure of eastern Java and its role in the 1994 Java tsunami earthquake
Yueyang Xia, Jacob Geersen, Dirk Klaeschen, Bo Ma, Dietrich Lange, Michael Riedel, Michael Schnabel, and Heidrun Kopp
Solid Earth, 12, 2467–2477,,, 2021
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Subject area: Tectonic plate interactions, magma genesis, and lithosphere deformation at all scales | Editorial team: Seismics, seismology, paleoseismology, geoelectrics, and electromagnetics | Discipline: Geophysics
Impact of Timanian thrust systems on the late Neoproterozoic–Phanerozoic tectonic evolution of the Barents Sea and Svalbard
Jean-Baptiste P. Koehl, Craig Magee, and Ingrid M. Anell
Solid Earth, 13, 85–115,,, 2022
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Forearc density structure of the overriding plate in the northern area of the giant 1960 Valdivia earthquake
Andrei Maksymowicz, Daniela Montecinos-Cuadros, Daniel Díaz, María José Segovia, and Tomás Reyes
Solid Earth, 13, 117–136,,, 2022
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Early Cenozoic Eurekan strain partitioning and decoupling in central Spitsbergen, Svalbard
Jean-Baptiste P. Koehl
Solid Earth, 12, 1025–1049,,, 2021
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Multi-scale analysis and modelling of aeromagnetic data over the Bétaré-Oya area in eastern Cameroon, for structural evidence investigations
Christian Emile Nyaban, Théophile Ndougsa-Mbarga, Marcelin Bikoro-Bi-Alou, Stella Amina Manekeng Tadjouteu, and Stephane Patrick Assembe
Solid Earth, 12, 785–800,,, 2021
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Mantle flow below the central and greater Alpine region: insights from SKS anisotropy analysis at AlpArray and permanent stations
Laura Petrescu, Silvia Pondrelli, Simone Salimbeni, Manuele Faccenda, and the AlpArray Working Group
Solid Earth, 11, 1275–1290,,, 2020
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Geological interpretations based on seismic depth images depend on an accurate subsurface velocity model. Reflection tomography is one method to iteratively update a velocity model based on depth error analysis. We used a warping method to estimate closely spaced data-driven depth error displacement fields. The application to a multichannel seismic line across the Sunda subduction zone illustrates the approach which leads to more accurate images of complex geological structures.