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Method article
03 Aug 2016
Method article |  | 03 Aug 2016

X-ray computed tomography investigation of structures in Opalinus Clay from large-scale to small-scale after mechanical testing

Annette Kaufhold, Matthias Halisch, Gerhard Zacher, and Stephan Kaufhold

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NMR relaxometry – a new reliable and non-destructive method to estimate the fluid content of rock salt
Raphael Dlugosch, Michael Mertineit, Michael Schramm, Melanie Hein, Stephan Kaufhold, and Lisa Richter
Saf. Nucl. Waste Disposal, 2, 51–51,,, 2023
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Making geoscientific lab data FAIR: A conceptual model for a geophysical laboratory database
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Preprint under review for GI
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Benchmark study using a multi-scale, multi-methodological approach for the petrophysical characterization of reservoir sandstones
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Petrographic and Petrophysical Characteristics of Lower Cretaceous Sandstones from northern Israel, determined by micro-CT imaging and analytical techniques
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Revised manuscript not accepted
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Enhanced pore space analysis by use of μ-CT, MIP, NMR, and SIP
Zeyu Zhang, Sabine Kruschwitz, Andreas Weller, and Matthias Halisch
Solid Earth, 9, 1225–1238,,, 2018
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Dawn and dusk of Late Cretaceous basin inversion in central Europe
Thomas Voigt, Jonas Kley, and Silke Voigt
Solid Earth, 12, 1443–1471,,, 2021
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The OPA material has been intensively studied by a variety of multiple scale and non-destructive 3-D X-ray CT investigations, following a consequent top-down approach to identify specific regions of interest. According to the mechanical experiment, it has been observed that the shear failure is located in a clay-rich area. Within the intersecting area of the two main fractures, a so called mylonitic zone with a particle reduction was observed on the open shear failure using CT and SEM techniques.