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Research article
02 Aug 2019
Research article |  | 02 Aug 2019

Extrusion dynamics of deepwater volcanoes revealed by 3-D seismic data

Qiliang Sun, Christopher A.-L. Jackson, Craig Magee, Samuel J. Mitchell, and Xinong Xie

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Solid Earth, 14, 1181–1195,,, 2023
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Subject area: Tectonic plate interactions, magma genesis, and lithosphere deformation at all scales | Editorial team: Geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, and volcanology | Discipline: Volcanology
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3-D seismic reflection data reveal that deepwater volcanoes have rugged basal contacts, which truncate underlying strata, and erupted lava flows that feed lobate lava fans. The lava flows (>  9 km long) account for 50–97 % of the total erupted volume. This indicates that deepwater volcanic edifices may thus form a minor component (~ 3–50 %) of the extrusive system and that accurate estimates of erupted volume require knowledge of the basal surface of genetically related lava flows.