Articles | Volume 3, issue 1
Solid Earth, 3, 97–110, 2012
Solid Earth, 3, 97–110, 2012

Research article 13 Mar 2012

Research article | 13 Mar 2012

Floating stones off El Hierro, Canary Islands: xenoliths of pre-island sedimentary origin in the early products of the October 2011 eruption

V. R. Troll et al.

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First report of ultra-high pressure metamorphism in the Paleozoic Dunhuang orogenic belt (NW China): Constrains from P-T paths of garnet clinopyroxenite and SIMS U-Pb dating of titanite
Zhen M. G. Li, Hao Y. C. Wang, Qian W. L. Zhang, Meng-Yan Shi, Jun-Sheng Lu, Jia-Hui Liu, and Chun-Ming Wu
Solid Earth Discuss.,,, 2020
Preprint withdrawn
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Yttrium speciation in subduction-zone fluids from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations
Johannes Stefanski and Sandro Jahn
Solid Earth, 11, 767–789,,, 2020
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Tracing fluid transfers in subduction zones: an integrated thermodynamic and δ18O fractionation modelling approach
Alice Vho, Pierre Lanari, Daniela Rubatto, and Jörg Hermann
Solid Earth, 11, 307–328,,, 2020
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Post-entrapment modification of residual inclusion pressure and its implications for Raman elastic thermobarometry
Xin Zhong, Evangelos Moulas, and Lucie Tajčmanová
Solid Earth, 11, 223–240,,, 2020
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Anatomy of the magmatic plumbing system of Los Humeros Caldera (Mexico): implications for geothermal systems
Federico Lucci, Gerardo Carrasco-Núñez, Federico Rossetti, Thomas Theye, John Charles White, Stefano Urbani, Hossein Azizi, Yoshihiro Asahara, and Guido Giordano
Solid Earth, 11, 125–159,,, 2020
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