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Research article
09 Jul 2014
Research article |  | 09 Jul 2014

An experimental study of pyroxene crystallization during rapid cooling in a thermal gradient: application to komatiites

S. Bouquain, N. T. Arndt, F. Faure, and G. Libourel

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The rheological behaviour of fracture-filling cherts: example of Barite Valley dikes, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa
M. Ledevin, N. Arndt, A. Davaille, R. Ledevin, and A. Simionovici
Solid Earth, 6, 253–269,,, 2015
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Interdisciplinary fracture network characterization in the crystalline basement: a case study from the Southern Odenwald, SW Germany
Matthis Frey, Claire Bossennec, Lukas Seib, Kristian Bär, Eva Schill, and Ingo Sass
Solid Earth, 13, 935–955,,, 2022
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Matrix gas flow through “impermeable” rocks – shales and tight sandstone
Ernest Rutter, Julian Mecklenburgh, and Yusuf Bashir
Solid Earth, 13, 725–743,,, 2022
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Benchmark study using a multi-scale, multi-methodological approach for the petrophysical characterization of reservoir sandstones
Peleg Haruzi, Regina Katsman, Matthias Halisch, Nicolas Waldmann, and Baruch Spiro
Solid Earth, 12, 665–689,,, 2021
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First report of ultra-high pressure metamorphism in the Paleozoic Dunhuang orogenic belt (NW China): Constrains from P-T paths of garnet clinopyroxenite and SIMS U-Pb dating of titanite
Zhen M. G. Li, Hao Y. C. Wang, Qian W. L. Zhang, Meng-Yan Shi, Jun-Sheng Lu, Jia-Hui Liu, and Chun-Ming Wu
Solid Earth Discuss.,,, 2020
Preprint withdrawn
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Yttrium speciation in subduction-zone fluids from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations
Johannes Stefanski and Sandro Jahn
Solid Earth, 11, 767–789,,, 2020
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