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Solid Earth, 11, 2557–2568, 2020
Solid Earth, 11, 2557–2568, 2020

Research article 23 Dec 2020

Research article | 23 Dec 2020

Seismic gaps and intraplate seismicity around Rodrigues Ridge (Indian Ocean) from time domain array analysis

Manvendra Singh and Georg Rümpker

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Using seismic array methods, 63 events were located in the Rodrigues–CIR region, not reported by any global network, most of them being off the ridge axis. The lack of seismicity along this section of the CIR, as observed from global data and this study, can possibly be attributed to the presence of partially molten mantle beneath Rodrigues Ridge. The results will be of interest for a broad range of geoscientists interested in the tectonic evolution of Indian Ocean and plume–crust interaction.