Articles | Volume 7, issue 2
Solid Earth, 7, 441–456, 2016

Special issue: Pore-scale tomography & imaging - applications, techniques...

Solid Earth, 7, 441–456, 2016

Research article 24 Mar 2016

Research article | 24 Mar 2016

Calculating structural and geometrical parameters by laboratory measurements and X-ray microtomography: a comparative study applied to a limestone sample before and after a dissolution experiment

Linda Luquot et al.

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First report of ultra-high pressure metamorphism in the Paleozoic Dunhuang orogenic belt (NW China): Constrains from P-T paths of garnet clinopyroxenite and SIMS U-Pb dating of titanite
Zhen M. G. Li, Hao Y. C. Wang, Qian W. L. Zhang, Meng-Yan Shi, Jun-Sheng Lu, Jia-Hui Liu, and Chun-Ming Wu
Solid Earth Discuss.,,, 2020
Preprint withdrawn
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Yttrium speciation in subduction-zone fluids from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations
Johannes Stefanski and Sandro Jahn
Solid Earth, 11, 767–789,,, 2020
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Tracing fluid transfers in subduction zones: an integrated thermodynamic and δ18O fractionation modelling approach
Alice Vho, Pierre Lanari, Daniela Rubatto, and Jörg Hermann
Solid Earth, 11, 307–328,,, 2020
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Post-entrapment modification of residual inclusion pressure and its implications for Raman elastic thermobarometry
Xin Zhong, Evangelos Moulas, and Lucie Tajčmanová
Solid Earth, 11, 223–240,,, 2020
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Anatomy of the magmatic plumbing system of Los Humeros Caldera (Mexico): implications for geothermal systems
Federico Lucci, Gerardo Carrasco-Núñez, Federico Rossetti, Thomas Theye, John Charles White, Stefano Urbani, Hossein Azizi, Yoshihiro Asahara, and Guido Giordano
Solid Earth, 11, 125–159,,, 2020
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To evaluate oil and gas production, accurate characterization (usually based on laboratory experiments) of reservoir rock properties needs to be performed. X-ray scanning samples enable obtaining 3-D images of the rock inner structure from which those properties can be obtained using images processing. This article shows that these two approaches are complementary and yield consistent results. Moreover, image-based calculations allow to save a huge amount of time compared to lab-based measures.