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Research article
08 Sep 2021
Research article |  | 08 Sep 2021

A revised image of the instrumental seismicity in the Lodi area (Po Plain, Italy)

Laura Peruzza, Alessandra Schibuola, Maria Adelaide Romano, Marco Garbin, Mariangela Guidarelli, Denis Sandron, and Enrico Priolo

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Preface: Linking faults to seismic hazard assessment in Europe
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When probabilistic seismic hazard climbs volcanoes: the Mt. Etna case, Italy – Part 2: Computational implementation and first results
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When probabilistic seismic hazard climbs volcanoes: the Mt. Etna case, Italy – Part 1: Model components for sources parameterization
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Temporary seismic monitoring of the Sulmona area (Abruzzo, Italy): a quality study of microearthquake locations
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Subject area: Crustal structure and composition | Editorial team: Seismics, seismology, paleoseismology, geoelectrics, and electromagnetics | Discipline: Seismology
Constraints on fracture distribution in the Los Humeros geothermal field from beamforming of ambient seismic noise
Heather Kennedy, Katrin Löer, and Amy Gilligan
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Quantifying gender gaps in seismology authorship
Laura Anna Ermert, Maria Koroni, and Naiara Korta Martiartu
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Radial anisotropy and S-wave velocity depict the internal to external zone transition within the Variscan orogen (NW Iberia)
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Distributed acoustic sensing as a tool for subsurface mapping and seismic event monitoring: a proof of concept
Nicola Piana Agostinetti, Alberto Villa, and Gilberto Saccorotti
Solid Earth, 13, 449–468,,, 2022
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Seismic monitoring of the STIMTEC hydraulic stimulation experiment in anisotropic metamorphic gneiss
Carolin M. Boese, Grzegorz Kwiatek, Thomas Fischer, Katrin Plenkers, Juliane Starke, Felix Blümle, Christoph Janssen, and Georg Dresen
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In weakly seismic or poorly monitored areas, the uncritical use of earthquake catalogues can be misleading. This is the case for a central sector in the Po Valley, where the Northern Apennines and Southern Alps collide. We collect and reprocess the available instrumental data of about 300 earthquakes from 1951 to 2019. The seismicity is weak, deeper than expected, and far from some existing human activities carried out underground. The potential tectonic causative sources are still unknown.