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Research article
12 Dec 2022
Research article |  | 12 Dec 2022

Constraints on fracture distribution in the Los Humeros geothermal field from beamforming of ambient seismic noise

Heather Kennedy, Katrin Löer, and Amy Gilligan

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Subject area: Crustal structure and composition | Editorial team: Seismics, seismology, paleoseismology, geoelectrics, and electromagnetics | Discipline: Seismology
The impact of seismic noise produced by wind turbines on seismic borehole measurements
Fabian Limberger, Georg Rümpker, Michael Lindenfeld, and Hagen Deckert
Solid Earth, 14, 859–869,,, 2023
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Probing environmental and tectonic changes underneath Mexico City with the urban seismic field
Laura A. Ermert, Enrique Cabral-Cano, Estelle Chaussard, Darío Solano-Rojas, Luis Quintanar, Diana Morales Padilla, Enrique A. Fernández-Torres, and Marine A. Denolle
Solid Earth, 14, 529–549,,, 2023
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Quantifying gender gaps in seismology authorship
Laura Anna Ermert, Maria Koroni, and Naiara Korta Martiartu
Solid Earth, 14, 485–498,,, 2023
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Mapping the basement of the Cerdanya Basin (eastern Pyrenees) using seismic ambient noise
Jordi Díaz, Sergi Ventosa, Martin Schimmel, Mario Ruiz, Albert Macau, Anna Gabàs, David Martí, Özgenç Akin, and Jaume Vergés
Solid Earth, 14, 499–514,,, 2023
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Referent seismic crustal model of the Dinarides
Katarina Zailac, Bojan Matoš, Igor Vlahović, and Josip Stipčević
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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The energy transition is an important topic for benefiting the future; thus renewable energy is required to reach net-zero carbon emission goals. Geothermal energy, heat from the ground, can be used in this transition. Therefore, geothermal fields need to be characterized as much as possible to allow for increased productivity within these fields. This study involves and looks at potential fractures within a geothermal field at depth to help increase the overall understanding of this field.