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Research article
16 May 2014
Research article |  | 16 May 2014

Morphology and surface features of olivine in kimberlite: implications for ascent processes

T. J. Jones, J. K. Russell, L. A. Porritt, and R. J. Brown

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Evaluating the link between the sulfur-rich Laacher See volcanic eruption and the Younger Dryas climate anomaly
James U. L. Baldini, Richard J. Brown, and Natasha Mawdsley
Clim. Past, 14, 969–990,,, 2018
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Anatomy of a high-silica eruption as observed by a local seismic network: the June 2011 Puyehue–Cordón Caulle event (southern Andes, Chile)
Daniel Basualto, Andrés Tassara, Jonathan Lazo-Gil, Luis Franco-Marin, Carlos Cardona, Juan San Martín, Fernando Gil-Cruz, Marcela Calabi-Floddy, and Cristian Farías
Solid Earth, 14, 69–87,,, 2023
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Transient conduit permeability controlled by a shift between compactant shear and dilatant rupture at Unzen volcano (Japan)
Yan Lavallée, Takahiro Miwa, James D. Ashworth, Paul A. Wallace, Jackie E. Kendrick, Rebecca Coats, Anthony Lamur, Adrian Hornby, Kai-Uwe Hess, Takeshi Matsushima, Setsuya Nakada, Hiroshi Shimizu, Bernhard Ruthensteiner, and Hugh Tuffen
Solid Earth, 13, 875–900,,, 2022
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Physical and mechanical rock properties of a heterogeneous volcano: the case of Mount Unzen, Japan
Jackie E. Kendrick, Lauren N. Schaefer, Jenny Schauroth, Andrew F. Bell, Oliver D. Lamb, Anthony Lamur, Takahiro Miwa, Rebecca Coats, Yan Lavallée, and Ben M. Kennedy
Solid Earth, 12, 633–664,,, 2021
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Reproducing pyroclastic density current deposits of the 79 CE eruption of the Somma–Vesuvius volcano using the box-model approach
Alessandro Tadini, Andrea Bevilacqua, Augusto Neri, Raffaello Cioni, Giovanni Biagioli, Mattia de'Michieli Vitturi, and Tomaso Esposti Ongaro
Solid Earth, 12, 119–139,,, 2021
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Analysing stress field conditions of the Colima Volcanic Complex (Mexico) by integrating finite-element modelling (FEM) simulations and geological data
Silvia Massaro, Roberto Sulpizio, Gianluca Norini, Gianluca Groppelli, Antonio Costa, Lucia Capra, Giacomo Lo Zupone, Michele Porfido, and Andrea Gabrieli
Solid Earth, 11, 2515–2533,,, 2020
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