Articles | Volume 8, issue 4
Solid Earth, 8, 805–816, 2017
Solid Earth, 8, 805–816, 2017

Research article 26 Jul 2017

Research article | 26 Jul 2017

A new theoretical interpretation of Archie's saturation exponent

Paul W. J. Glover

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Mozhdeh Mehrabi, Mehrdad Pasha, Ali Hassanpour, Paul W. J. Glover, and Xiaodong Jia
Solid Earth Discuss.,,, 2017
Preprint withdrawn
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Archie's law – a reappraisal
Paul W. J. Glover
Solid Earth, 7, 1157–1169,,, 2016
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Revised manuscript accepted for SE
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Electrical flow through porous media depends on the amount of conductive material available and how that material is connected. This has conventionally been described by two laws invented by Archie in 1942 which allowed only one conducting material and one non-conducting material. This paper contends that both laws arise from a single underlying law which allows for any number of materials, where their fractions sum to unity and a parameter describing their connectedness also sums to unity.